More and more Australian are taking control of their retirement saving.  Running your own SMSF gave you the following benefits:

  • Choice of assets – real estates, securities, term deposits and other range of assets
  • Freedom to invest directly which you will not be possible if you invest your super with industry or retail funds
  • Lower fees than the other industry or retail funds
  • Detailed tax planning in retirement
  • Control of tax paid on death benefits
  • Ability to personalise other aspects of your superfund such as insurance policies

Others related services include:

  • Establishment of SMSF *
  • Advice concerning Compliance matters and taxation benefits
  • Rollover super from existing funds
  • SMSF administration
  • Transition to Retirement Pension
  • SMSF bookkeeping, accounting and financial statements
  • SMSF lodgements
  • Actuarial Certificates *
  • SMSF audit *
  • Trust Deed updates and upgrades *

* Services outsourced to independent businesses specialising in such services

The SMSF trustees need pro-active, skilful and detailed advice to get the most out of their superfund. By lodging your superfund return each year with us you get the compliance requirements taken care of but also the strategic advice you need to reap the full benefits of your own superfund.

Please contact us for a non-obligation consultation if you would like to set up a superfund or need advice on your existing superfund.