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In this section, we will upload our regular articles for clients to download. These articles contain general tips and information for both businesses and individuals. If you would like further advice on any specific content presented in these articles, feel free to contact us.

VersionClient UpdatesSize
201804Client Updates – April 201899.5 KiB
201803Client Updates – March 2018101.6 KiB
201802Client Updates – February 2018100.7 KiB
201712Client Updates – December 2017101.8 KiB
201711Client Updates – November 2017183.1 KiB
201708Client Updates – August 2017185.1 KiB
201707Client Updates – July 2017185.0 KiB
201706Client Updates – June 2017180.5 KiB
201704Client Updates – April 2017184.5 KiB
201703Client Updates - March 2017184.4 KiB
201702Client Updates - February 2017178.7 KiB
201612Client Updates – Dec 2016 / Jan 2017 180.2 KiB
201611Client Updates – November 2016179.6 KiB
201610Client Updates – October 2016182.1 KiB
201609Client Updates – September 2016179.5 KiB
201608Client Updates – August 2016184.5 KiB
201607Client Updates – July 2016181.0 KiB


We also upload our checklists for clients to download.

2016.CCompany Trust Partnership Tax Return28.6 KiB
2016.IIndividual Tax Return23.5 KiB
2016.SSuperannuation Fund Tax Return23.5 KiB
2018.FFBT Return68.5 KiB